Saturday 20 July 2019

Hemingway in Key West

A little summary of my last few days here in Paradise.  No photos I am afraid...I am feeling lethargic about the whole uploading process.

Things are good! Town is busy - the Hemingway Days celebration is on - a celebration of the life and legacy of Ernest Hemingway.  It is 120 years since he was born.

Today I went down to Duval Street and watched the Running of The Bulls with the 155 Ernest Hemingway look-alike competition participants.  Yesterday I nearly ran over one of the 155 look-alikes while on my bike.   Lol.  Ok so not quite.  He was coming out of Starbucks, I was pulling up outside and we had a bit of a laugh.  He was a good natured Hemingway :)

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