Wednesday 3 July 2019

Canada Day!

Ugh I'm behind in my blogging.  So what that means is the next few posts are all about catching up, quantity versus quality if you will.  My apologies in advance.

First up is Canada Day! If you recall we hosted a St Patrick's Day back in March, so only fair that Canada Day gets a celebration too.
And what a celebration it was!  We had two Canadian themed ice buffets where we had food and drink - labatts was the order of the day and people sure got excited when they saw it.  I served Falling Water cocktails which are fast becoming the Amy & Patrick signature cocktail here in Paradise.  They just work - cool and refreshing vodka cucumber drink - perfect for the hottttt temperatures of Southern Florida.

I should also mention the food and drink brought by people.  A friend made and brought Nanaimo bars and they were amazing!!! (They kind of reminded me of Swedish Daim cake interestingly enough).  Plus "Canadian" horchata made with Tim Horton coffee and Canadian Club whiskey, how fun!

We also had a giant Canadian flag in the tiki hut and Canadian sports shirts draped around the garden for decoration and ambience.  Further adding ambience was the music playlist, Canadian artists alone, and everyone had fun shouting out requests and discussing music and people who no one realized were actually Canadian.  No Justin Bieber, I'm not looking at you!!!  Not you either Celine Dion.  Nobody shouted requests for those pair. Ha!

The pool of course was the big hit and no one was shy about getting in, and staying in for the evening.  All in all it was a great night and great demonstrated by all the "lost property" I found the next day and am in the process of returning :) Thanks to everyone who came!  You are the best!
For posterity, here is Yours Truly before the start of the party.  I'm pretty much wearing the same outfit as I wore to the St Patrick's Day party but instead of the green bikini under the cover up, I am wearing a red and white striped bikini purchased on Duval Street.

I will not bore you with the red bikini search and debacle, let's just say it involves Amazon Prime, some very bad sizing and two returns.  Ugh.  I hate shopping.  Do you know that?? Have I ever mentioned before how much shopping bores me?

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