Thursday 11 July 2019

Suggestions on a postcard please

So, if you know me, you will know how much I enjoy making cocktails.  One thing I do miss from Ireland is all my (vintage) barware and cocktail equipment.

Today, I had watermelon in the fridge which was about to go off/be thrown in the trash and it got me thinking what kind of cocktail I could make with it.  

I had the old reliable of vodka and limes in the fridge too, which meant I just had to buy some coconut water.

I pulsed the watermelon until it was liquid. It was pale pink and foamy and felt too smoothie like which was not what I was going for...

I came up with the plan of straining it through a coffee filter.  And this worked! I was left with a nice red liquid similar to the finished product which is pictured at the end of this post.
At this point I divided it into two portions - one for cocktail making, one which would be virgin watermelon juice.  Very lucky I did this!!! Because...then THIS happened!

I mixed the watermelon juice, limes, vodka and coconut water and BLENDED it again.  It ended up a pale pink smoothie type mix which then settled into the above.  

After 5 minutes further it had settled into THIS.
Learn from my mistake!  No blending at the point above.

So I took the remaining "virgin" juice and simply mixed the ingredients together...

...and this was the result. 
How cute are my garnishes?!

And a straw just perfects it!

So what do I call this cocktail?  Suggestions on a postcard!

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