Tuesday 7 April 2020

Boris Johnson & new directives for Key West

Late afternoon (my time) the news emerged that the Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson had been moved to hospital to the Intensive Care Unit.  He had been self isolating with symptoms of (confirmed) coronavirus for approximately the last 10 days.  The news this morning is that he received oxygen, but is not on a ventilator, he is awake and breathing in the ICU.
Politics aside, I wish him a good recovery.

Here in Key West, yesterday, some new directives were given by the Mayor/city and these went into force last night at midnight and are live now.  They are mainly around "crowd control" in the supermarkets etc, and protective clothing/masks for employees.  These are things that have probably been in place in your area for a couple of weeks now e.g. controlled lines outside grocery stores etc.  There is a lag on things down here in the Southernmost city - i.e. the USA has a lag behind Europe, and Key West lags behind (for example) New York. 
Pic below shows the new guidelines.

In other news. I got a coffee machine! Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, but boy does it bring joy into my life drinking good coffee every morning.
Check this baby out! Sorry for the leaning photo lol

I have it pride of place on the kitchen island - I was able to fix the sockets behind the coffee machine on the pillar which were previously not working so am very pleased about that, and delighted with this spot for it!

For good coffee, you need to start with good beans! 
And the name of these "Key West Sunrise"  makes me happy

Good morning and Happy Tuesday all! Stay safe and healthy.

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