Wednesday 8 April 2020

Letter from Key West, April 8 2020

Since I last blogged it appears that masks, and the wearing of them, is coming to the fore.  As per yesterday's City of Key West directive all employees must wear masks.  Some stores are insisting on shoppers wearing them too. Home Depot is not letting anyone in without a mask, late last afternoon Fausto's posted on their facebook the same. 

Me, I stayed at home and cleaned my shed.  How the heck did it get packed full of all that junk?? When we moved in (mid January) I did a big clean out of the old owner's stuff but heck seems we managed to fill it with our own stuff since then.
It took me almost the whole day, with breaks, but I think you will agree from the photos; job well done.  Now just need to keep it this way!

In other news, Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the US Presidential race, making Joe Biden the Democrat's presumptive nominee. Bernie Sanders is a good man and politician, but I think this is the right decision.  Roll on Tuesday, November 3rd.

Where ever you right now, stay well and positive friends.

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