Tuesday 14 April 2020

Letter from Key West, April 14 2020

Yesterday I had to go to the bank for some essential business.  Town was deserted, and while wearing my mask, I took the opportunity to take some photos of some of the Closed signs on shop doors. Apologies for the quality - it was difficult to capture with the shine from the windows - but I think you can see most of them ok.

It sure is sad seeing the optimism of the unknown, and some of the proposed re-opening dates which we have gone well passed now at this stage.

I re-read my last blog and realized how whiney and first-world problemy I sounded "it's so boring" For the record, just in case it is not apparent, boring aside, I totally understand the importance of flattening the curve and why this quarantine is so vital and needed.  I totally support it. 

Which segues nicely into a little note about the White House briefing yesterday evening which was unlike anything I expected or have seen before.  Read about it here. In race for the White House news both Bernie Sanders and President Barack Obama have announced they are endorsing Joe Biden for the Democrat Presidential bid.

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