Sunday 5 April 2020

We are living through a Pandemic

I said it out loud to myself this morning "we are living through a pandemic".  My feeling is still a little disbelief.  I think back to Christmas day as an example.  If any one at the dinner table, had predicted something like this happening in the first quarter of the year, I think we would have all fell around laughing at them.

Yet it did happen. And here we are.

It is hard to capture the feelings of life right now, and I think this is because things, and information are changing constantly.  So you hear some news or an update, and you adapt to it - and you identify the feeling and you begin to understand and accept the feeling - and then, things change again.  I also find things constantly changing because I am trying to keep up with what is happening at home in Ireland, what is happening in the wider US (watching those White House press conferences every evening - the less said there the better) and then of course adapting to the local situation here in Key West.

So what is it like here in Key West? I am sure similar to wherever you are right now while reading this - complete and utter lockdown, everyone staying at home, bars and restaurants (the mainstay of Key West) all closed except for some restaurants take out only.  And of those restaurants that are doing take out - each day one of them closes for business, I guess just not enough business to sustain them staying open.

Ghost town.
The one big notable difference about Key West is the amount of people on the island.  Can you imagine if you told half the people in your town to leave?  Well that is what Key West did.  Normally at this time of the year the island is teeming with tourists, bars are packed, restaurants need reservations. We are now closed to tourists.  The streets are empty of cars, empty of cyclists on rental bikes, empty of revelers.  The shops are boarded up.  Quiet does not begin to describe it.

At home I have been trying to keep busy and "get things done".  I painted the bathroom and painted our bedroom (pics below).  Doing some cleaning chores around the house etc.  I have been reading lots which I am pleased about. I have not been blogging.  Hopefully this post is a sign that will change! I would like to have a record of these strange times in years to come.

Oh yes for the record, I guess this is part of the "adapting" I mentioned that I almost forgot to post about it, of course we are practicing social distancing and lockdown. We are staying at home as much as possible, only going out for essentials and when I do go out I wear a mask when I am in a shop or picking up food etc.  If we meet a neighbor on the street we have a very quick check in with them - at 2 metres away from each other.

Ok I think that is all I've got for you right now. Stay safe, well and healthy dear reader.  Enjoy photos of my handiwork below - I'd love some feedback on it :)

Before - a lurid lime greeny yellow. 
And now - POP- the crisp clean white allows the tiles be the star of the show!

Before - this photo does not fully capture the yocky lurid purple colour enthusiastically slathered from ceiling to floor (yep the trim had been painted purple too).  
After - cool and calm, dare I say sophisticated? Ironically the name of the paint is "calm" :)

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