Tuesday 26 May 2020

Art during Quarantine

During these crazy pandemic times I am turning to lots of things to help me through.  You know, important things like wine, vodka, key lime pie :)
And art.

I am seeing and hearing about lots of wonderful things people are doing here in Key West.  Even simple things like facemasks (we are all wearing them!), local artists are doing fantastically creative things with them.

How simply beautiful are these masks hand-painted by Rick Worth.

Back home in Ireland I am hearing about an AWESOME project in the works, by a woman, for women, in the Gaeltacht area of Connemara.  I can't say too much about it right now, but watch this space, as soon as I can share more with you I will!

And then of course there is my guy, Irish artist Pigsy.  

He just never stops.  He has just sold this amaaaazing large piece to a couple in Dublin who I am going to assume have a very big wall and house to showcase it.  It is large in size and large in expression.  "Phoenix Rising" it is called and I just adore it.

And then he also has been working on this fun little commission of a dinosaur head.  

Such a wonderful energy to his work...
"Rex the protector" is a work in progress and I am looking forward to seeing the final piece.

Support Art!
If you would like a piece from Pigsy in YOUR LIFE but your budget doesn't quite align with his :) Then how about a print?  They are available from designyard.ie aaaaaand during these pandemic times if you use the code "SupportArtists" you get 10% off.

And finally! If you have 10 minutes spare sit yourself down with the family and check out this thought invoking, yet feel good little film about Pigsy, some of his struggles in the past, and where he is now.

Featured at the London Irish, Bristol, Galway and Cork film festivals.
Click here to view this award winning documentary film.

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