Monday 11 May 2020

Letter from Key West, May 11 2020

Key West continues to open up.  For residents only! The road blocks are still in place and no tourists can come...yet.

There is talk of non residents from June 1.  I am conflicted.  I get it has to happen. Life on the island as is, is not sustainable, but on the other hand is life itself sustainable by bringing the virus into our midst?

Am I being dramatic?  All I can say, is that after an initial few weeks of anxiety, based on the current numbers of cases in Key West and up the keys (Monroe County) I feel safe.  Looking at the numbers up North (Miami eek) scares me.

Anyway, on a nicer note, as noted, Key West continues to open up.  Today Shanna Key reopened.  So guess where we went for dinner!

I had the chilli as I ALWAYS do
Patrick got chicken wings which is unusual for him.  He also had two pints of Guinness which is not unusual.

It was a really lovely evening actually.  We must have told our server eleventy seventy times that it was great they were back open.

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