Sunday 17 May 2020

Letter from Key West, May 17 2020

89,498 Deaths from Covid19 in the USA

On Friday evening we went out for a quick dinner before going out on the boat.  It was not a great experience.  The social distancing arrangements in the restaurant were good - thumbs up there.  However service was slow (drinks and food) and the menu was limited (ok I am fine with this).

But my major concern was some of the other patrons.  Key West is supposed to be residents only at the moment, but there are definitely tourists in town.  Hey guess what, four of them strolled into the restaurant, not a mask to be seen, straight up to the bar, not giving a care in the world about keeping 6ft away from the bartender.

Frankly, I don't think they should have been served.  And finally, about ten minutes later they were politely (too politely imo) invited to step outside - the prompt for this being when one of them dropped their drink and the glass smashed everywhere.  Not cool man, not cool.

Contrast that with Dante's on Saturday.  Am happy to report: great social distancing of tables, great service, great food.  We had the seafood sampler and it was awesome!

Oysters, peel'n'eat shrimp and crab claws

Oysters to die for, the size of a a plump baby's fist!

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