Wednesday 19 August 2015

Rose of Tralee evening

 I'd a lovely evening yesterday watching the The Rose of Tralee and hosting my aunt, cousin, cousin's wife and Enid.  I was nervous about doing the catering but I think it went well.
Self service coffee station
Drinks - with my lovely new (old) vintage pineapple ice cube holder
Flamingos, lemons and pineapple - I love tropical stuff!
Apple tart and cream (Thank you Enid for bringing this)
Brown bread and smoked salmon (nice and Irish)
Cream cheese drizzled in sweet chili sauce with melba toast
 And then way in the back on the right some whiskey glasses filled with Minstrels and M&M's for picking on during the show.
Nice evening all round. 
Ps. The Meath Rose won....

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for a great night! You throw a super party :-)