Sunday 30 August 2015

Modern Wife, Modern Life

 Myself, Enid and Kasey visited the last day of the Modern Wife, Modern Life exhibition in the National Print Museum today. 
We found it of interest (some items more than others), but would have liked a little more context to the exhibition - for example the Irish magazines and a comparative English magazine, or more on what was going on outside of Ireland at the time.
This book was donated by a couple who got married in 1964, it was given to them as a wedding gift from the priest who married them.
After viewing the exhibition we spent a little time in the print museum.  It's a cute little museum, with free entry or a  €2.50 cover for a guided tour.
I thought this was interesting! 

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  1. That Exhibit DOES sound interesting . . I'm super glad for many of the changes . . . thank you for sharing and the link to the actual exhibit . .