Sunday 2 August 2015

Bathroom basket at your wedding

I have been at a couple of weddings over the last year or so.  It seems that this year and last year we have had more weddings than any of the years before.  On that basis I am going to do two posts about weddings that you might find useful if you are planning your wedding.

So first up wedding baskets!

I just love when a bride and groom have put some useful items in the bathroom.  Particularly....deodorant!  I find that it is the one thing that I can not fit in my little evening/occasion bag and it is the one thing that I need because of all the dancing I am doing.

So my advice to any b&g's for a bathroom basket is focus on the essentials and don't bother with everything else!
IF you do want to go with EVERYTHING (but the bathroom sink lol) there are many many sites on the web that list everything.  For example ==> a big list here!

For what it is worth here is my list (it's ladies only, sorry it's from my experience only, I've no clue what generally is placed in the man's bathroom)
1. Deodorant - I'd suggest 3 bottles of spray on.  I think it'd be cute to put your own stickers on them to make it your own "wedding brand".  For example, change Sure to become Sure I do! Or Dove to become Love.  OMG I just came up with that sticker idea as I typed and I think it's a winner!
2. Body spray (for the same reasons as the deodorant).  You could put two types - the spray on Impulse type, plus the pump (Victoria Secret) type of body spray.  I'd say 3 bottles also.
3. Plasters/Bandaids
4. Sewing kit, plus safety pins
5. Hair clips/bobby pins/straight slides type
6. Hair bobbins
7. Hair spray - one big can of Silvikrin should do it.

And that's it!  No packs of makeup wipes (seriously why???), no cotton buds, no tweezers.  I wouldn't buy anything else and instead I'd use the money for flip flops!

Yes, I love when flip flips are provided,  So the more flip flops you can provide the better.

What are your thoughts on bathroom baskets?  What do you think about my list?  Would you add or take away anything?!


  1. I've never heard of bathroom baskets!!

    I think a couple of tampons wouldn't go astray in one.

  2. Tampoons !!! LOL