Saturday 15 August 2015

Trainwreck - a review

 I had one of The Best Days Ever yesterday.  Enid had managed to get her little paws on two tickets to go see the Dublin premiere of Trainwreck as part of the Dublin International Film Festival.
Before the screening we grabbed a burger and some drinks in Thunder Road CafĂ© in Temple Bar. It was really good  I haven't been in there for about 15 years and I thought as a quick food option it delivered all we wanted.  It was also the perfect distance for a quick stroll down to the cinema.
The cinema had the big red carpet laid out and lots of paparazzi so that was fun walking into the foyer.
And then on to the real fun stuff!
The stars of the show - the actors and the director did a little Q&A before the film was shown.  It was hilariously funny - to be honest it was completely scripted and also (I thought anyway) apparent that they used different versions of it in each country on the tour - but my god it was funny.
They then scooted out a side door and we watched the film.  Earlier on that eve Enid had asked "how many times do you think they've seem the film????"  Them scooting out the door explains that!
The film!
I have never seen a comedy look so clean, sleek and sophisticated.  The cinematography was just beautiful. And while it captured the excitement of  New York, it was shot so wonderfully, that at times it reminded me of the intimacy of Dublin.
The central character Amy is charming, clever and likeable (as a lot of Amy's are! *smiley face*) and of course funny, so funny. The punch lines and jokes just kept coming and coming and frankly I just never stopped laughing LOUDLY throughout the film.  Some out there are saying they thought the film was a little long at 2 hours but I didn't think so.
The multiple cameos in this film are central to the storyline as you'll see, and work very well.  There is a really enjoyable cameo scene with Chris Evert, Matthew Broderick and Marv Albert.  There is also an hilarious cameo by Daniel Radcliffe.
Ok can I use any more superlatives about this film??  I think you get the message that I loved this film.
  So much so that today I tried dress like the Amy character :-)
You might also be interested in reading my twin's blog about the movie and our night out
When Enid and I are both blogging about the same subject we tend not to read each others before your own is finished (so that yours does not end up contaminated/the same as theirs).  Saying that sometimes the blogs end up quite similar anyway, it's very funny.  However our two posts about the movie are a little different today :-)
Have you seen this film yet?  If yes what did you think of it?
If not - go see! 

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