Tuesday 17 November 2015

Multi vitamin hit

 I've blogged twice in the last couple of weeks about my dry and chapped lips.  Well the news is they are still bad! 
It seems that none of the creams, salves and balms I use work in the long term.  One of my sisters said to me that she thinks it's a vitamin deficiency and whenever she gets dry lips she ups
 her vitamin c and it clears it right up. 
I am thinking that if treating it externally didn't work that maybe treating from the inside would.
In Boots at the moment vitamins are 3 for then price of 2.  So I bought the one on the left for €2.99, the one on the right for €4.50 and got another multi vit free which I gave to Enid.
I really hope this "one a day" works! 

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