Thursday 26 November 2015

Dazzling Discount night at Blanchardstown Centre

My local shopping centre holds a discount night every year.  To be honest, it's not great.  The discounts are on average 20% and it is also on from 6-10pm rather than the whole day.
As I was off work today I figured I would get over there early and see what I could find. 
Here's what I bought!
Aynesley Christmas china cups (for me!) reduced from €30 to €15 in Debenhams

Aynesley Christmas china cups which I picked up for Enid, reduced from €30 to €15 (Debenhams again)

Paul Costelloe purse for my mother in law for Christmas. 20% off in Dunnes so €36 from €45.
All in all, it wasn't bad.  I'm particularly happy with my 50% discount on the Aynesley china cups.  I just don't know why it is only on from 6-10pm.  It would be much better if it was on for the whole day.  The evening just seems to create a big traffic jam! (I got the bus).

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