Saturday 28 November 2015

I ordered my Christmas cards!

 For a long time now Enid does Christmas cards with a picture of Bones on the front.  Last year I made ones with Harry - with a photograph that our next door neighbour (a professional photographer!) snapped with his iphone.  It went down well with everyone so I figured I'd do some Harry xmas cards again this year. 
Yesterday I came home from work and Harry was perched PERFECTLY on his chair and blanket (the lazy lump!) so I literally threw a poinsettia arrangement I had in front of him and took that photo quickly.  Two seconds later he moved so I was very happy to have caught that moment!
Here is a mockup of what the cards look like.  I am so happy with them! Plus the price - as it happens I ordered yesterday which was Black Friday so there was a 2 for 1 offer on.  All in, I got 20 cards for €19.60 (including delivery).  I used and it's very easy and quick.

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