Monday 9 November 2015

The postman always rings twice

 Ever since I found my (non-working) record player I have been obsessed with getting myself one that actually works.  I've been looking online for an old vintage one - actually very rare or (obviously due to rarity) very expensive and I've not been able to find one.  So I switched my attention to finding a new one for myself and a couple of weeks ago I located a little gem of a bargain.
This is my Crosley cruiser!
The story is that Enid and I were peering into the closed for the day Urban Outfitters in Temple Bar one evening.  They had a load of different coloured Crosley's for the price of €120. 
When I went home I looked online and the price was pretty much what Urban Outfitters had them for - EXCEPT for one place: Littlewoods.
Littlewoods had it on sale, reduced from €110 (good) to €92 (even better). 
But wait! It's get better! I noticed that if you were a first time orderer (which I was) and if you signed up for a credit account they gave you 20% off your first order.  So I signed up, answered a few silly credit questions about whether I owned my house and my salary (sure you could put in anything!!!) and there I had it - a credit limit/account and 20% off.
So I ordered the record player and got it for the price of €73.60.  And then I paid my account off immediately so that I won't get charged any interest on my "credit purchase".
So it arrived by post today.  And right now I am sitting on my couch listening to some lovely records.  The sound from the little speakers won't go far in a stadium but considering the price all is good with this little player.  Only bad thing is having to get up every 20 minutes and flip the record - 20th century problems eh :-)

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  1. It's fantastic! And the perfect spot on your "Entertainment Area" :-)