Sunday 24 January 2016

Brunch - The Great Wood, Blanchardstown (Wetherspoons)

 I met with Enid and Alice this morning for brunch in Wetherspoons (The Great Wood) in Blanchardstown. 
We took a while perusing the menu.  Alice had never been before and was very impressed with all the choice and the price.  Enid and I still can't get over the cost of alcohol - particularly the premium brands like Grey Goose and Belvedere - although it was a bit too early for drinking today!
Enid got the large breakfast - €6.95 including a drink (tea/coffee/soft drink).  It really was Large, and she picked at it and ate half of it (leaving the carbs - the bread & hash browns etc)
I really liked Alice's stack of American pancakes (3) and rashers.  This came with a  drink also - Alice got coffee.  Plus she also ordered a (freshly squeezed) orange juice and it all came to €7.50 approx.
I got a southern fried chicken wrap with chipotle mayonnaise.  I hadn't realised it came with chips and I didn't eat any of them - I am calorie counting at the moment! Mine came to €6.25.
Even better than the food was our topic of conversation.  We are planning a big trip for our (big) birthdays in November 2017 so talk was all about what we were looking for in our trip to Key West in 2017! 

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