Tuesday 26 January 2016

Look away now if you don't like blood!

I warned you!!!
If you don't like blood look away now!
Here is me in work yesterday taking part in a blood drive.
Last time the blood bank came to my work I was just back from what they called "the tropics" and what I saw as "just Cancun" and they couldn't take my blood.  They explained the reason was there are some tropical illnesses and bugs they don't screen for, so they just exclude completely to avoid risk of passing on the disease or illness to the receiver of the blood.  When they explained all this I completely understood why they would not want my blood right at that moment in time.
So when they came back I was very keen that I would be able to donate - particularly as stocks of blood are low at the moment.  I was worried about if they would be able to locate a vein as apparently my veins are very small and buried deep.  Two different nurses had to try get my veins and thankfully one of them was successful.  He gave me some advice about next time - hydration, loads of water in advance and avoid tea or coffee which is a diuretic.
After donating I  had some nice goodies of crisps, pepsi and chocolate - don't you love the way you can eat this stuff guiltfree after giving blood!
After work that evening I continued my "charitable donations" as I went to my local library where I have volunteered to help an older person with computer skills (through Age Action).  I was matched with a lovely lady who needs help learning to get used to her smartphone so I am looking forward to working with/helping her over the next few weeks (5 in total)

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