Sunday 10 January 2016

My flights are booked!

I have booked my flights for my big holiday in 2016 to Key West!
Mam and Dad have a house  and myself and my sisters are all going over .  I shall be going for the last two weeks of May and it goes without saying cannot wait!
Although we are going at different times, at one point we will all be there for a couple of days together. So we are planning one of our family traditions for this time - on Sunday 22nd of May we will go for the Mimosa Brunch in the Westin Hotel.
And in celebration of my flights being booked check out this fab workout gear from Marks & Spencers.  Love the tropical print - so Key West! :-)


  1. Okay, NOW even I'm excited . . . I already feel Your Fabulous Vacation. (got my dream going . . thank you)

  2. I want that gear......but not the belly top!!!