Friday 1 January 2016

New Years Eve 2016

 Happy New Year everyone!
I really enjoy new years eve every year - from the fun party aspect and for what it represents as a fresh new start etc. (And a new diet!!!)
Last night I headed across the road to our neighbours house and met up with some other neighbours.  We had some lovely cheese from the Cork market and prosciutto and crackers.
I brought over a seafood platter with coquille st Jacques and filo and tempura prawns.
I also brought over my aunts South African speciality - sweet chili sauce, cream cheese and melba toast.
At about 10pm we all headed to another neighbours house who were having a party to celebrate New Years Eve and their 25th wedding anniversary.  
At midnight we took our champagne glasses outside and watched some fireworks which someone was setting off from the green behind our houses - which was a really really good display.  It's quite a Dublin thing to open your front door/go outside at 12 on NYE - all the ships in Dublin port/docks blow their horns and depending on the wind you might hear it from your house (well we used to be able to in the Navan Road anyway).
It was all good craic.  At one point I was grabbed up from my chair to lead a mini congo line in the living room and heck I figured it was new years eve so I lead that conga line through the kitchen into the hallway and right out the font door :-) We did a little circle of the garden, the road and then back into the house.
I left around 2.30am which I was glad of this morning.  Today I am not doing much - am just lying on the couch watching the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer which has everyone talking at the moment.  I am engrossed in it (all those twists and turns!) but god I am emotionally drained watching it!!!
In other news spare a thought for my sister Lydia who left to go home to the Middle East 9am Irish time yesterday, and was delayed in Dublin due to snow in Istanbul, eventually arriving at 6am this morning.  She is now stuck in Turkey until 7pm tonight.  She will be glad to finally get home...if she gets out of Istanbul as planned.

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