Sunday 20 March 2016

Dublin day out

 Yesterday I had a friend of mine from Galways staying with me.  Laura has been my friend for almost 20 years (God I'm old) and during that time she hasn't changed a bit.  Meeting with her is always a breath of fresh air.
Laura got the train up from Galway and we met in Dublin city centre.  Our first port of call was Temple Bar where there was a nice food market on. 
We got take away coffees and made them adult beverages with the addition of a little bambino of Baileys.  Heck it was cold and Laura was on a mini holiday :-)
We pottered around town, strolled up Grafton Street - where at the top there were these two wonderful guys (Lords of Strut) performing super comedy gymnastics in crazy 80's lycra gear.  They were hilarious!
We then strolled on a little further and visited The Little Museum of Dublin.
I have been many times before but this was Laura's first
This guy was our tour guide and he was excellent
Laura and Bono in the U2 room :-)
Myself in the U2 room. This chair was so comfortable!
Afterwards we went for a bit to eat, then got the train out to Donabate where we met Enid.  We went back to her house where we had lovely tapas and wine, and we got into the hot tub.  It was a great evening. 
Later that night Laura and I got the luas and train back home to my house.  We were pretty tired and went straight to bed when we got in - we had packed in a lot in a long day.

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