Saturday 26 March 2016

Suncream haul

 In preparation for my Summer holidays in May I have bought my suncream. 
Generally I keep an eye on Boots and buy when it is on special. I buy for Mam and myself  - because it is the only way to get Mam to wear suncream, she is of that 70's generation who loves to fry in the sun, grrrrr. I must admit I like to fry a little myself, as compared to my twin sister who is so careful and meticulous in the sun, so I tend to buy Piz Buin or Hawaiian Tropic - there is something about the oil and the brown packaging I find reassures me I will get a deep dark tan while still protecting myself.
Enid has bought her creams from Dealz in the past and has good reports on them.  As the ones I like are expensive - even after the reduction in Boots - I decided to check out the Dealz ones.  I was really surprised they had oils rather than just cream so I decided I'd get them.
These are for Mam.  The white box (Miracle Tan) on the left is a tan moisturiser/accelerating cream for use before and after sun exposure.  Mam does not like starting higher than 15/20 but she makes exception for factor 30's when they are oil.
These are mine - I am hoping there will be some factor 30 left over from Mam and Enid when I arrive to Key West (they are there for 2 weeks ahead of me).  I got the Miracle Tan for myself also.  Plus I got a sun prep moisturiser which I will start using now.
Next up is where the trouble starts!
I thought long and hard and decided I'd go mad and get a factor 8 oil that Mam and I can use in the last few days of our hol. 
When I got it home I realised I had picked up the wrong bottle and this is a zero sunscreen oil. Eeek!!!
I will go back and get a bottle of the factor 8. 
Not sure what to do with this bad boy though! 

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