Friday 25 March 2016

Great Friday

 In my earlier post today I explained how Enid was staying in my house yesterday eve and today.
We had such a super day and did loads!
After breakfast we went for an hour long walk around my area - and where Enid used to live.  In fact we walked past her old house which was interesting to see. 
When we came back after our walk it was so nice and sunny, and as we were thirsty we sat outside the back listening to records and drinking oj.  As you can see in the bottom right of the pic we had the record player outside, but evey time the wind blew the record blew right off!  So we had to sit it just inside the back door, but we could still hear it.
Afterwards we watched a film which I had specifically invited Enid over to watch: Mary, the making of a Princess.  A fabulous (made for tv!!!!) true story film about the romance of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary.  Theirs is a lovely story *sigh*
Afterwards we went over to the Towncentre where Enid got some great bargains in GAP which she was delighted with.
The towncentre had some "lovely" decorations up for the 1916 celebrations.

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