Saturday 5 March 2016

Boulevard Cafe, Exchequer Street

Last night I was out for dinner and drinks with some colleagues who I am on a committee with in work. 
We went to a lovely Italian restaurant with a great atmosphere on Exchequer Street
For starters I had lovely duck liver pate.
I am a big fan of pate and this was lovely - with an unusual flavour of citrus below the duck liver.
For main I had the beef bourgnoin.  It was nice and I was happy with my choice - good flavour but could have been even more intense I think...
Dessert was funny.  Instead of handing us a dessert menu the waiter came out with a plate with a sample of each dessert and pointed out each one to us. 
I guess a little like when I worked in the Gresham Hotel when I was 17 and we used bring a dessert trolley (or dessert cart) over to the table and serve the guests dessert from there. But, a little odd, I worked when the dessert plate was right in front of you, but when it was at the other end of the table, the waiter and the plate just looked strange...  Wonder does it increase the sales of desserts??
I went for the chocolate ganache and ate 1/4 of it  (a) I am calorie counting at the moment and (b) it was a little sickly I found.
For posterity, a selfie I took of myself when I arrived home - I got the 10pm train which I was glad of this morning! 

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