Monday 28 March 2016

Reflecting the Rising

 It's been a lovely weekend here in Dublin, with all that was going on to celebrate the Easter Rising of 1916.

On Saturday I was in town around O'Connell Street and Moore Street (key locations in the Rising) to feel the atmosphere and see the setting up for the State Commemorations on Sunday.

The GPO and the seating areas for the dignatories.

I considered going into town on Sunday morning but then I figured I'd have a better view from my tv, so I enjoyed the great parade from the comfort of my couch.  Well done to all who took part and the organisers, it was wonderfully done.

Today, Easter Monday, I decided to go into town to take part in the scheduled  #ReflectingTheRising events

I got off the train at Connolly Station and walked up Talbot Street with The Spire in our view.  When I arrived I walked slap bang into a Republican Movement parade on O'Connell Street - complete with marchers in their "uniforms" of sunglasses and black berets, and with informally uniformed gardai (jackets & baseball hats) spectating.  So, um that was, um interesting.

I then headed across the Liffey as my plan was to go to Merrion Square where I wanted to see the vintage car display.

I stopped at Bank of Ireland where there was a group of young folk performing some street theatre.

Followed by a lone piper in 1916 garb

I then continued onwards up to Grafton Street and walked through St Stephen's Green - where there was a lovely atmosphere I must say.

Music in the bandstand (ceiliesque type band) and deckchairs to sit on in St Stephen's Green

 From there on to Merrion Square which was busy with a  lot of families and children! 

There I am in the centre of this pic beside a lovely old Dublin lamp-post with vintage Bus Eireann buses in the background.

I do love vintage cars.  Sigh, remember my baby which I no longer have :-(

A lovely "wedding party" from the period in front of a doorway in Merrion Square. 

At this point town was getting very busy with a lot of people (mainly families) so I decided I would go for something to eat (Pitt Bros) and head home.  I got a 2pm train so it was good to get back nice and early - still allowing some time for relaxing before getting ready for back to work tomorrow.

I hope you had a lovely Easter!

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