Friday 19 January 2018

Bikini haul

Earlier this week my sister Kate messaged me and asked if I would be in Penney's and if so could I get her a swimsuit in a particular size for her (she lives in Galway where they wouldn't have as much stock).
It was a few days before I could get to Penney's (with my college classes in the evenings) but I eventually got there on Thursday evening.  While picking her up the swimsuit I took the opportunity to try on and buy two bikinis.  I know it's very early to be buying them - I am not going to Key West until May - but when I need them then they will be sold out.  And the price!  It's for nothing, so I am glad I got them.
I like these bright colours! This was €8

This baby was €10.  I like the shape of it and the colours/pattern
*And if anyone can tell me how to photograph bikinis that they look nice that would be great thanks!


  1. I need to get to Penneys - I badly need new bikinis!

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