Tuesday 23 January 2018

Hairs a story for ya!

I seem to be blogging about quests lately...e.g. my quest for a keto pancake recipe.  Well please read below about a search that has been ongoing for a while now..
About a year ago (or longer) when I first visited Lydia in Oman I bought this AMAZING leave-in conditioner.  In particular it was really good over there because the desert air was so dry.
Soon after I had an awful hairdresser experience where the guy left the colour on for way too long (which I told him during it btw!!!  "No Amy, it's fine relax, relax" Grrrr!) and did some serious damage to my hair.  So when I went back to visit Lydee again (via Dubai) I bought a couple of bottles of it.
Sadly I am coming to the end of that stash and have been desperately trying to find a replacement for the some time now.  Here is but a few of what I've tried

This is "ok". 
I must say though it has the most beautiful scent and leaves your hair smelling fab all day long so that is nice.

I bought these in the States on my recent visit to Chicago,  They are a definite replacement possibility.  But not available in Ireland!

And then I found this in a drawer while doing some cleaning.  It's a little sample that came free with a a magazine.  And it is amazing!   So now I just need to locate it in a shop so that I can stock up on it.
Hello universe, if anyone sees this in Dublin please let me know!

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