Saturday 6 January 2018

Film Reviews/reccomendations - the good, the bad, the blah blah blahhhh

I don't go to the cinema as much as I would like.  In fact I think the last film I went to see was La La Land.  There is one film out at the moment which I do want to see however -  I am a big fan of Mark Walhberg and an even bigger fan of Christopher Plummer (a last minute parachute in to replace Kevin Spacey).  It's an interesting story which I was vaguely aware of but will be very interested to see the portrayal of the humans behind it.

Check out the trailer for All the Money in the World below.

Having flown on a long haul plane trip recently it was a good opportunity for me to catch up on some films that I'd never seen before and below I give a little synopsis and/or my thoughts on each.

School Life
This is a glorious Irish docu film about a prep boarding school located in the Meath countryside of Headfort, Kells.  It captures the idyllic, almost utopian life enjoyed by the boarders and the part the teachers/staff play in encouraging this.  A childhood made up of Enid Blyton books, playing in the woods in forts, and music and art.  It's an adorable little watch!  And an international prize winner too - check out their facebook page here for full details about this lovely piece of film
The House
Oh Christ.  It's a Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler romp that falls flat on its face.  Do not watch this movie even if like me you are stuck on a plane with very little choice. You have been warned.


(500) Days of Summer
Starring the likeable Zooey Deschanel and (the kind of boring?) Joseph Gordon-Levitt this film all near broke my heart. But then fixed it right up again. 
A cleverly done film. If you want a little romance with not too much sugar I think this might be the film for you.

I enjoyed this a lot but it's not an overly easy watch considering the subject.  This film follows the Spotlight team from The Boston Globe as they uncovered the Catholic Church cover up of paedophile priests and the treatment of the children involved.  Terrible stuff, Great work by Spotlight in exposing the horrific story and a very good film.  A great cast also - in particular I love Rachel McAdam and she is awesome in this film.

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