Sunday 7 January 2018

Keto weekend

I am back on my ketogenic diet  - cutting out sugar and embracing good fats - and things are going well so far.  Some of the highlights of my weekend in terms of food are detailed below. 

And the lowlights you ask?   *Shrugs shoulders*  I can't think of any so far...  It's been a pretty good weekend all in.

Friday evening I had a glass of wine with Cillian in Ruin Bar on Townsend Street. Malbec...mmm!

Saturday, I enjoyed all things lovely like scrambled eggs with salmon for brunch, and nice Irish bacon and avocado in the evening.  Throughout the day I snacked on almonds, and coffee with cream.  Mmmm.

And then today, Sunday, I tried something new!  Enid made keto bread and invited me over to try some.  Read all about it in her blog here.  I liked it, but I did find it a touch dry.  Once I slathered it with some good kerrygold butter it was much better!  More mmm!

This evening for tea I had salmon and avocado...I just loooove it so much.  And dessert I had greek yoghurt.  Greek yoghurt is an acquired taste (it's quite bitter) and one which I have come round to in a big way. 

And finally I bought THIS which I cooked in the oven and will have it for lunch tomorrow and Tuesday, and hey possibly Wednesday!

January is officially ON!  (Bleugh lol)


  1. Enid's bread was dry? Who would have thought? LOL. Everything tastes better slathered in Kerrygold. Hmmm, and what exactly is that in the last picture?