Saturday, 6 January 2018

More Chicago..

Following on from my previous post about my trip for your reading pleasure here is some more Chicago/Wicker Park musings!

The Smoke Daddy BBQ
If you are anywhere near Wicker Park you simply must visit The Smoke Daddy!

Fall off the bone Baby Back ribs
Incredible, thick and gooey mac & cheese
The most SUMPTIOUS moist cornbread ever - so sweet I was tempted to save and eat it as dessert

Little vodka to accompany the ribs.  Plus a generous helping of their fab sauces to make the ribs even more melt in your mouth.  DIVINE!!!
Oh!  If you want to sound like a local be sure to call it Smoke Daddy's :)
 And also, did I mention the live music every night? 
Wicker Park
In my previous post I spoke about the great location I stayed in and all the great bars, restaurants and shops nearby. But most important of all I haven't mentioned the vibe!
There was a really cool and friendly atmosphere - a mixture between hipsterville USA (friendly and laid back) and the apres-ski of Europe (chilled and up for the craic).
So to that end here is me vibing out and having a great old time in Wicker Park :-)

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