Sunday 30 December 2018

Border town USA

Christmas 2018 is likely one that I won't forget!  For all kinds of reasons that I won't bore you with I found myself spending Christmas in a hotel in the town of Port Huron on the USA/Canada border.  Well it certainly was different!

I woke early on Christmas morning (6am-ish) and spent a few hours messaging with my sisters who sent me lovely photos from their Christmas day in Lyttle Holme (my parent's house) and LPA (Enid's).

 Yours truly on Christmas day in fine festive spirit as you can see (Come on!!! I'm wearing a Christmas brooch!)

And then later that day I had a lovely dinner which came over the border from Canada.  Lol how about that for different?!  Did you know, that while very similar to an Irish Christmas dinner (turkey, ham, cranberry sauce etc), a key component of Canadian Christmas is wild rice? It was very good!

I got to know the hotel very well.  At one point I think I was the only guest there!!

So that was Christmas day...

I also want to touch on something else I got up to in Port Huron.  I went to quite a quirky bar on the 23rd.  When you ask for a particular match to be shown on the tv and the bar girl hands you the remote control you know you are on to a good thing.  When the locals come over to commend you on your song choice on the jukebox you know this place is for you.  And when you are drinking Heineken for $3.25 and vodka for $2.75 you know it's the kind of (dodgy divey) bar that is right up your street.  I'm not even going to mention the crazy wood paneling and the gold streamer, bedecked wall which I suspect was not just for Christmas.  Oh!  And best of all - it had a landline on the wall that actually rang and was answered.  Hellooooo 1987 calling, they want their landline back.

If you ever find yourself in Port Huron, Michigan and you like dodgy bars as much as I do, you simply must check out The Office bar :)

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