Saturday 8 December 2018

What I wore...

I'm laughing at the title of this blog post.  Normally when a blogger talks about "what I wore" it tends to be a description of a something glamorous or a fashionable "outfit of the day"...hashtag ootd :)

This "what I wore" is a little different.  If you are following my blog you will have seen that I was downtown yesterday evening.  It was minus 8c/22f and I was outdoors for a long time - looking at Marina City, plus strolling around the cute little Christkindl market. Yet I wasn't cold!  All down to good forward planning and lots of layers:

What I wore:
- Thermal long sleeve tshirt
- Thermal long johns/leggings
- Thick Socks
- Long sleeve blouse
- Jumper
- Jeans
- Thin layer puffa 3/4 coat
- Thick layer puffa coat 3/4 coat
Yes, that's correct.  I wear 2 coats!

And then, pictured below
- Knee length furry boots (read my review of them here)
- Furry hat with wings/sides
- Balaclava
- Furry mittens

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