Saturday 8 December 2018

Downtown Chicago, Friday night

Yesterday was a great evening!

I headed downtown around 4.30pm with the intention of going to see The Bean.  I had seen some cool photos of it in Winter on instagram - it goes all frozen and I think it looks like a big fossilized dinosaur egg.

Anyway that plan changed.  For the better! So, I cannot follow google maps to save my life while I am walking - no problem at all while driving - but walking I am guaranteed to go the wrong direction.  Which I did.  And suddenly I looked up and right in front of me was the corncob buildings of Marina City.  Oh my gosh.  So wonderful.  I had a good potter around and went right in below them and around them.  Very very cool.

Then I headed to the Chicago Christkindl Market for some gluhwein to warm up. The market has a different mug every year and this year's one is heart shaped and ADORABLE! 

Finally we ended the night in Pizano's pizza where we took our time over some drinks (a lovely malbec) and the famous Chicago Deep Dish pizza.

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