Tuesday 11 December 2018

Toga! Toga! Toga!

Oops!  Yoga! Sorry, I mean yoga.

I went to a bikram class today, and wow it was great.  It must be about two or three years ago since I last went and while I expected my flexibility to be poor, what shocked me was how my strength had diminished too.  Not good!

It is a quirky studio!  The hot room is pretty standard but there's lots of other good stuff going on - nice sitting area with lots of interesting books, a notice board where you can pin your intentions for the week ("Just Be" was one of my favourites).  And the changing rooms! Well that needs a photo to be described properly I think.

Ladies on the left, Men on the right.  Thick canvas sheets hung using bamboo logs and rope.  Kind of cool I think. Plus I guess they can be lowered/removed opening the studio into a large space for events etc.

I have signed up for the two week special ($39) so I am going to go as much as possible over the next fortnight - tomorrow for starters!

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