Saturday 31 August 2019

Barbeque Tales Part 16 - Whole Fish (no fish basket)

For some while now it's been a dream, and we have been talking a lot, about cooking a whole fish at home.  Every time one of us orders a whole fish (e.g. El Siboneys or Bagatelle most recently), excuse the pun, but it has whet the appetite even more to try it out ourselves at home on the grill.  

We've talked about landing a fish on White Street Pier, bringing it home, gutting and cleaning it as best we can and throwing it straight on the grill. We've talked about next time we are out on a boat and maybe catch something with a nice weight to it, that rather than getting it cut into two fat fillets, instead we ask the first mate to gut and clean it for us.  These two options aside, Patrick was in Wynn Dixie getting some hurricane supplies (next post on Hurricane Dorian coming up!) when he saw these fine fellas on sale.  So he got two!

Yellowtail Snapper!
Stuffed with garlic and lemon, and with an olive oil and seasoning rub

Yellowtail Snapper tossed on to the grill!
We decided not to use the fish basket this time round to try get a crispy seared skin.

I nipped around to Faustos to get two lemons for the fish and while there I got some cous cous as a side.  Not something we had done before, it was new and different.

Well this picture paints a thousand words right?!

Lessons for next time:
  1. A little more seasoning on. Spice it up a little more - maybe a blackening rub on the outside.
  2. Salt! Definitely need to salt the skin to help the skin crisp up more.
  3. Again for the desired crispy skin; blast the heat up for the last minute on either side
  4. Might try a different side next time also - quinoa might be even nicer than the cous cous!

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