Sunday 25 August 2019

Bingo at The Green Parrot!

Moseyed along to the Green Parrot last week to play Bingo!

It is a charity fundraiser, held every Monday - with a different caller and different charity every week.

How much fun was it you ask??!!!  A lot!  And that is before I even mention the free popcorn!  (The Green Parrot have a popcorn machine running all day every day as long as they are open).

Popcorn and bingo! It's a good combination..  Throw in a few little vodka cocktails and it is a GREAT combination.
Caller this week was my friend, the always entertaining and charming King Paul!  

Paul won fantasy fest two years ago (hence the crown) and continues doing as much charity work and fundraisers as he can since then.  The bingo was in aid of Sister Season which is a brilliant charity which helps out people in the hospitality industry in times of need.

Definitely will be back to play again!  And hopefully WIN!  We were so close on a number of occasions and then goddamnit someone else shouted out BINGO! and the prize was gone.  There is always next time!

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