Sunday 25 August 2019

I made coffee art!

This "memory" popped up on my facebook, and I remember laughing a lot about it back in August 18 so I figured I would post it here.

Back around then I was living in my (sighhh, lovely) flat on Merrion Street, and with living so near to Enid (yay!) we used to spend a lot of time together.  So I was over in her house one Saturday morning and as was usual we were drinking coffee and chatting.

I attempted to do some coffee art. 

THIS being the result! Lol.
Pretty pathetic I think you will agree. It made us laugh a lot.

But then! 
I literally turned my head to the right, saw something, and shrieked.  "Enid! I think I was inspired by your Miro!"

Ahahahahahahahha.  That made us laugh even more.

Those were good days! I don't "miss them" per say (I live in Key West currently for freaks sake!) ...but I do have the absolute best memories of my time living in town in that flat.  Will stay with me forever. 

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