Thursday 15 August 2019


Just wonderful! Here I am, just about the middle of August and literally ONE blog post done for August.  What a horror show!  So the next few posts are catch ups of the last week and a bit.  They may be brief... Warning you now...

I went to the Tropic to see "Maiden" which was exhilarating and inspirational.  It felt a little surreal to be watching events which I remember following and reading newspapers back in Ireland at the age of ten. I recommend this film wholeheartedly.

I also recommend the Tropic wholeheartedly. Have you ever seen a popcorn station in a cinema (aka movie theatre!)?! Well the Tropic has one.  You buy your popcorn and then you flavour liberally with your choice from an array of popcorn flavouring/spices/cheeses. Yum yum!

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