Saturday 31 August 2019

Hurricane Dorian

I really don't know what to tell you! <<< insert "I don't know, shrugging lady" emoji >>>
 I have been on storm watch, and tracking Dorian, since earlier this week.  I also have been fielding phone calls from arriving guests asking about weather conditions and our cancellation policy etc.  FYI, right at this moment anyway, Key West is Open For Business.

In this time the hurricane cone has widened and has shrunk and then widened again. The direction of the path of the hurricane has changed numerous times - heading up to North Florida, changing direction and looking like a little more South, then changed again and headed back up (more) North.  It also unfortunately has continued to strengthen and strengthen, and as we all know at this point, it will likely hit land as a monster Category 4 storm.  Not Good.  But the question of where it will hit remains...

*It does look that the Florida Keys/Key West will not get a major hit.  A relief for sure.  We will of course get some "weather".  I am expecting a lot of rain, wind and thunder.  We may lose power.  We may experience storm surge (I am hoping not).  In our little tiny house preparations are done - we have water in case the water supply stops, we have a jeep full of gas, and we have food that does not need refrigeration on stand by (not a huge amount mind you!).  If the power does go out we have extra ice and blocks frozen in the freezer to try keep food cool for as long as possible.  In other preparations we have avoided filling the pool for the last few days - it is LOW right now - the thinking being that we will get a lot of rain which will (a) fill it and (b) by starting low we are alleviating the chance of it overflowing/flooding the house.  The house is NOT boarded up.

Other than that, it's just watching and waiting.  Right now it is as beautiful and as idyllic as ever in wonderful Key West.  

What more can I tell you?
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Any questions feel free to comment below!

*Of course while there is a massive personal relief that Key West is not the target for Hurricane Dorian I of course would not wish it on anyone else. I am hoping against hope it does a complete change of course/turnabout and heads off back out to the ocean missing the Southern-East coast of USA altogether.

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