Wednesday 15 April 2020

Letter from Key West, April 15 2020

Another day, another press conference.  I thought the intention of the White House briefings was for Coronavirus updates i.e. numbers/stats/progress updates and updates on what was being done etc.  Yesterday was another bizarre one for the record books where President Trump spoke at length about the World Health Organization and (in his opinion) their shortcomings in respect of Covid19, and his decision to stop USA funding to the W.H.O. pending investigation.

Elizabeth Warren, today, came out in support of Joe Biden.  This was following Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama yesterday.

Today I vacuum cleaned and steam cleaned my whole house.  My vacuum cleaner (Ryobi) is awesome, the steam cleaner (Costway) not so much.  It did an "ok" job.  I am open to buying a better one I think.

If you have a good steam cleaner recommendation that I can buy on Amazon please get in touch!  That being said, the floor definitely looks a lot better than before so all good.

I then did a bit of sunbathing.  It is HOT here in Key West right now. 86 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny! And after that I rang home to Ireland to my Nana's house where my mam is currently staying.  I spoke with Nana first and it was good to hear her in such good form and good health.  Then mam and I had a nice chat too.  Weather is a little brighter in Ireland at the moment which makes things a little easier and better.

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