Sunday 14 April 2013

Ireland - the perfect country for a hot tub

The more I think about it, the more I am coming to the realisation that while hot tubs are really common in (for example) America and not at all common in Ireland that just doesn't make sense.
Hot tubs are HOT. 
Most of America has hot weather.  They don't need more hot.
Ireland is cold(ish).  Particularly this year - longest bloody Winter ever!!!  We need hot.
Hot tubs are actually nicer in cold weather.  One of the most enjoyable experiences I ever had in a hot tub was about eight years ago in Galway with my twin sister,Enid.  
We were on the roof of the then Great Southern hotel in Eyre's Square (now called Hotel Meyrick) in the rain and the cold while watching the Red Arrows fly over our head - the Salthill Airshow was on!
It was grey, rainy & miserable before we got into the tub and it was grey, rainy & miserable when we got out, but in between it was hot and fabulous, warm and relaxing.  Amazing.
As you may know Enid is lucky enough to have a hot tub in her house.  She and her husband rebuilt an 1840's house from inside out, and one of the things they put in was a hot tub. 
I always tell them "it is a complete and utter folly.  ...But it is the BEST complete and utter folly in the whole world.  Thank you for putting this folly in your house".  Lol.
If you are interested in reading Enid's blog about the rebuild of her house click on the link.  It is an interesting read and a fine record for them and of the house for the future.
The point of this blog is for to me make two announcements.
1. I want a hot tub.
2. I am going to start saving for a hot tub.
It might take me a couple of years.  But watch this space!!!!!


  1. I LOVE the premise of your post.
    I agree, if you Want a Hot Tub - You should have one -
    You are so determined -
    I will occur.
    Happy Soaking.
    (Thank you for admiring my new boots . . . there's a similar back story - took me a long time - soon I'll be wearing them - which will be a miracle.)

  2. You and my husband! He is forever going on about one, and I know one is coming to us before too long! (and yes, we're in the USA)