Sunday 28 April 2013

Thrift store bargain!

Yesterday was a nice bright sunny day in Dublin. 
I met Enid for a Starbucks in Harcourt street and from there we strolled along Camden street.  Camden street is a quirky little street - alot of antique furniture shops, hardware shops, burrito bars and Charity shops (what we call Thrift stores here in Ireland).
Enid found me a cute little green and black boucle jacket for work.  It was €7 (approx $9) - there are no "real" bargains left in Ireland any more.  But it is an okay price.


 I am not sure if the green is showing correctly in the pic - it is a nice bright green.  I
t's a very nice fit when on.
I will wear it with a nice pair of Dolce & Gabanna tuxedo trousers which I have had (unworn) in my wardrobe for about two years.
Here is a pic that shows the colour better

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