Monday 1 April 2013

Three scissors, two forks and a spoon

I cleaned my bedroom from top to bottom today.  I found 3 scissors, 2 forks and a spoon under the bed.  I had been wondering why I could never find a scissors, there's the answer to that now anyway.

There are articles on the internet giving tips on how to clean your bedroom.  My personal tip is to do it in 30/45 minute stints.  Clean for 30 minutes, watch Oprah for 30 minutes, clean for 30 minutes, watch Oprah for 30.  All done in two hours and you feel like you've been watching Oprah all afternoon! Lol

There is something very satisfying about sitting in bed, watching tv and blogging in a spotlessly clean room.


  1. Good tip! I really suck at cleaning my room. It's a huge mess...
    By the way, are you sisters with Enie??

    Thanks for following my blog!! I'm following you too ;)

    1. Hi Ai!
      Thanks for following! I hope you find my blog interesting.

      Yes! Enid and I are sisters (twins!). But don't worry our topics don't overlap too often :-)

      I look forward to reading your posts