Saturday 6 April 2013

Smart Car Rally Dublin 2013

My sister Enid has a Smart car. It's a fun little car and people smile at it wherever she drives!
  In 2011 we organised a little event of a meet up for Dublin Smart owners - check out the photos of the event here. It went really well and was a fun day out, so we are now planning another one for this year in Dublin. (In 2012 we attended the Belfast meet up).
We have a facebook page and today we announced the plans for the 2013 rally:
Planning has started for Smart Car Rally Dublin 2013!
Shaping up as follows:
Date - late June or July.
Location - Phoenix Park Dublin.

Agenda - meet in the carpark of Ashtown Castle in the Phoenix Park and park up for an hour or two for a "Tailgate Party"
*chat about our Smarts, eat food (nothing fancy! Tea & Coffee, pastries etc like last time), check out everyone's Smart, take photos etc etc*
Then take a drive "en convoy" around the Phoenix Park for a half an hour so - beeping and waving at the tourists and park go-ers.
Suggestion that you bring a car window flag for your county or some sort of decoration or flag for your car - will look good during our "convoy".

So that's what we are thinking! Hope you can all make it. If you know any other Smart owners please spread the word. We will confirm the date for definite soon and will set up a fb event page. Post below if you are hoping to attend. Enid & Amy
Do you know any Smart owners?!  They might be interested in looking at our facebook page :-)


  1. Good job!!

    It's going to be great- way better than last one!

  2. Maaaan, I wish I lived in Ireland! I would so go, even though I don't have a car :P haha it sounds like a lot of fun!!

    1. Can't wait for it Ai! We will post lots of photos.