Thursday 18 April 2013

Price increase...grrrr!

The Marks and Spencer "dine in for two" has increased in price. It used to be €12.50.
Now admittedly I used always think it was almost too good of a deal at €12.50, but a €1 increase is a little hard to swallow (Pun intended!)
I think €12.95 would have been a better price to go to. They could end up losing customers over a euro.
Okay so from their facebook page I can see comments from other customers and replies from M&S.
  It seems that this is the €1 that was added to bottles of wine by the Government in the last budget (VAT/Tax???) and M&S avoided passing it on at that point.  It has become viably impossible for them to avoid passing it on now.
This is fair enough, but for their own sake, M&S probably would have been best putting a one liner at the bottom of their ad explaining this. 

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