Saturday 5 December 2015

Christmas at Ikea

This morning  I went to Ikea to return 3 crazy led bulbs (in a floor lamp) that made such a horrendous buzzing (loud) noise that I simply could not use the lamp.  I decided to go early before the crowds, plus have breakfast over there.  Dad came with me for breakfast and a potter also.
Ikea is always nice at Christmas.
From our view during breakfast in the restaurant we could see the Ikea Christmas Tree market. They have a great special deal on trees - buy a tree for €20 and get a voucher for Ikea €25.  I think this photo captures the atmosphere in the market - nice and jovial with everyone examining and picking out the best tree for their home.
I bought three gingerbread kits. For one house! I think I will hack them altogether to make something different.  Maybe a mid century modern gingerbread house!
I also bought a wine gift tube - I have a friend that I give a gift of a bottle of wine every year.  It was €3. 
I also bought a bit of Ikea chocolate and some mini marzipan cakes. I'm impressed with myself, normally I buy a lot more stuff (that I do not need) when I go to Ikea. 

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