Thursday 31 December 2015

Christmas with friends

 Last night I was in a friends house for dinner which was fabulous as always.

I made ciaproskas with some little Christmas embellishments - mini candy canes and green straws

Starter of crab and cod fish cakes with salsa and sweet chili sauce.  These were delightful delicately flavoured fish cakes which we all enjoyed very much.

How big are these steaks!!!!

If you are looking for a nice wine this here is your man.  My friend was telling us that a couple of years back he was talking to the shop guy in O'Briens wine and it was recommended to him then, and he buys a bottle whenever it is on special.  It was very nice - even nicer than Malbec which has been my favourite wine for the last few years.

After dinner we played some games of charades and eggheads.  God I am getting old! 

It is New Years Eve tonight and I am going to a neighbours house for food and drinks.  I am looking forward to it, and it is nice not having to think about taxis or travelling.

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