Sunday 20 December 2015

Penneys Mary Street

 Fun fact. 
Did you know that Penneys is only Penneys in Ireland, that every where else in the world it is Primark?  This is because when it moved outside of Ireland and in to the UK there was an American retailer (JC Penney) who already had the right to use the Penneys name.
On Saturday Enid and I were in the Penneys in Mary Street.  This is their where their headquarters are and it is also the site of their very first shop.  It is actually quite an historic building as it is built on the site of Dublin's first cinema The Volta.
The store was renovated around 2014 and it is big and modern looking.  (Very big - they reclaimed some space that was being used for stores back into retail space).
As part of the "do-up" there are some cute photographs of their history in Ireland on display on a wall.  I love these type of sociological photographs. I think they it's great they are diplaying them (for posterity) so for more reasons of posterity I have posted them here.
"Low prices are back in fashion"  Some things never change for Penneys
Lol! How about this for a uniform?!
I would think this is late 70's early 80's.  I don't remember there being a separate mans/ladies shop.
Penneys in Killarney with zany 1970's branding
I think this was a uniform.  And strangely enough I think I remember it or something similar to it. 

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